Friday, August 20, 2004

I am the enemy

I feel wretched. I have had to sack one of my team.

In fact I haven't sacked them at all, someone else has. Turns out there was a discrepancy in their employment history. If it was a huge lie about qualifications relevant to their job then it would be understandable, but it isn't: the whole thing feels farcical. Still, rules is rules is rules, and that kind of thing is a zero-tolerance sackable offence.

I took today off to get away from work, at five o'clock yesterday I heard this might be happening, so instead of relaxing I spend the entire day worrying. Ironically, the only doubt I ever had about him was that he might have a temper, but when he phoned he was very professional and apologetic; I suspect I would not have been so cool, in fact I would have been shrieking insults, spitting rage and probably making threats to kill before breaking down in tears.

What is most frustrating is that I want to be angry, but it seems that everyone has acted reasonably. It's just that when you stack up their actions it leads to this. So instead I have to feel dejected and frustrated. I also feel guilty, because this will affect my work a lot and I do worry about it but that is insignificant compared to the impact on the person involved.


On a slightly lighter note, I have banned Microsoft Internet Explorer from my life and replaced it with Mozilla Firefox -- much better, faster and far more stable.


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