Sunday, August 08, 2004

Nothing? Great!

My typical weekend consists of me sitting around all day trying to figure out what to do. This often takes the whole weekend, typically until Sunday evening when I can then run around in a panic, doing all those things I was supposed to do over the last two days with a brief break to think up possible answers to the inevitable question that will great me on Monday morning: "so what did you do over the weekend?" I am typically left with four possible responses:
  1. "Who died and made it your business?" Doesn't quite convey that cool young bachelor appeal that I'm after;
  2. Lie;
  3. "Oh nothing really";
  4. Make a joke distracting people from my lack of reply.

I never actually respond with (1), although occasionally it is tempting. (2), well, sometimes I tend to over-emphasise certain facts. (4) is just tiresome, plus I don't know any jokes. (3), however, is always warmly greeted. "Sounds good," people say. So if it's so good, why do they respond with, "Oh went to a party, became fluent in Portuguese, wrote a novel, got married, raised twelve children, the usual."

Of course, what's really disturbing is that following a weekend where the highest achievement is getting dressed (and I usually do manage that), the only time this strikes me as a problem is what people will think about it. Still, the following response seems a bit passive-aggressive (and therefore socially inadvisable): oh I collapsed into a state of complete apathy, driven by loneliness, depression, isolation, body-image problems, a sense of my own worthlessness; I didn't even get dressed. What did you do? How's your wonderful life? (sob sob sob)

Still, I did something this weekend, so nothing to worry about on that front. Phew.


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