Wednesday, August 25, 2004

A very one-sided relationship

I've started referring to Matt as "Biggles". It arises from something else entirely (a book he was reading) but suits him so well: fair play, dashing, Queen's English, uncharismatic, desirable in an unimaginative way. And yet it also sounds slightly unsavoury, mostly because: 1. if it isn't some sort of sexual slang it should be; 2. references to aeroplanes, flying, seat of the pants, leather etc. could all be allusions to, well, something. Also it sounds slightly mocking, as if it refers cryptically and unfathomably to historical sexual encounters that are the currency of office gossip.

I don't know what Matt feels about this: he is as good natured as ever (sigh). Frankly, I am annoyed with him. I get the impression that I'm the person putting the real effort in this relationship. I explain this to Hien, who pointed out I don't have a relationship with Matt, which is true but only in a strictly factual sense.

I often feel sorry for people who have their names taken by famous people, I mean what if there was another Adolf Hitler who was a rising star on the Jewish nightclub circuit until that other bastard trashed his name. Surely there should be legal redress? I mean, if there are other Peter Stringfellows out there they must be able to sue ... even if it's only on ground of good taste.

Of course, there is the possibility that I could reverse the nickname process, i.e. allow the sexual slang / references to past gossip / cryptic sexual undertone develop after assigning the nickname. That would require some fantasist to go around making the whole thing up. Hmmmm, already the phrase "flew me like a Spitfire" springs to mind.


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