Sunday, August 22, 2004

Where is the Christian coalition when you need it?

I have noticed they now have a Vogue for children. I have always considered Vogue to be on the edge of good taste ... Actually, I've never read Vogue, I'm simply judging it by the kind of person who I think reads it (I don't know anyone who reads it either). But regardless of my faulty reasoning, surely a Christian coalition type thing should step in here: banners saying "think of the children", that type of thing?

I've lost my housemate today. I've checked down the side of the sofa, where the hell has she got to? Actually (excuse me for going all sombre) she's left, it was all planned and everything, we didn't have a domestic. She's left the country, sob sob sob. Excuse me while I cry like a baby, but who, sob sob sob, who, sob, is going, bawwwwwwwwl, is going to, sob sob sob, do the washing up?

Nah, good old Shirley. I'll miss her. Now I'm all on my own. By myself. My "die alone and get eaten by pets" plan is working perfectly to order. But at least I'll never buy an issue of Vogue bambino.


At 3:48 am, Blogger Trinity said...

Cosmopolitan is best. I stillgot the section on acomplete guide to oral sex. Classic reading. Did shirley leave the marigolds? shirley not?

At 8:28 am, Blogger Rent said...

*does all the washing up and scrubs up the place for the long cold winter ahead*

It's strange, and gross actually but I see things comming in child-sizes or child-fits much earlier now. I mean it wasn't that long ago, but when I was a kid, we used to have colour books, now they have Vogue. When I was a kid I used to wear jeans to my heels and shirts with sleeves to my wrists, hems to my hips. Now we have hooker skirts and fishnets in sizes for twelve year olds and we have (at least here in the mall we have) stiletto heels for little tiny itty bitty feet that shouldn't have them. I didn't wear anything with a low collar on it til I was well into High School, and acknowledging that my parents were extremely religioug and strict, I also wasn't having sex at twelve like the normal age.. It seems like I can't walk downtown anymore though without seeing a little girl that should be at home playing with rainbow bright, downtown wearing a thong and jeans pulled down to the top of her little hips with a fishnet sleeved shirt on and a mini skirt. Little girls shouldn't wear that stuff.. they are maturing too quickly. I have a whole other ideal on what Little boys shouldn't be doing.. but damnit. It's too much to type right now :P


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