Thursday, August 05, 2004

You haven't had a donut for a while

"You haven't had a donut for a while." So speaks Matt (sigh).

Now, Matt is straight -- not in that it-may-be-all-an-act way, but in a frustratingly, matter-of-fact, obvious to a blind nun, teeth-grinding way.

But, straight men never compliment each other. "You haven't had a donut for a while," is the closest they get.

Really, it's just logical. QED. Occam's razor. He's in love with me.

Give the obsession another few weeks to brew and he'll be saying, "Despite being straight, I'd like you to know that you look damn gorgeous and it'd be a compliment, an honour, if you shagged me right now you piece of hot totty." Of course in straight talk this would be "new suit?" but I think it's a matter of well-recorded medical evidence how in-tune with reality I am and how perceptive I am about ... well ... everyone.


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