Wednesday, August 18, 2004

The youth of today

I visit a doctor and ask if gout is unusual in those of my age. This is a stupid question, since the reply will either be what I want to hear or crushingly disappointing ("no, you are a freak"). The doctor initially tells me what I want to hear, before adding "you know, amongst the young because of your diet".

Your diet? I am oddly insulted although I do not know why because I'd probably sue if she in any way suggested that I am old. I feel have been gently reprimanded for a way of life I don't lead, next moment she'll be diagnosing repetitive strain injuries due to all those computer games the youth of today play. I have a mental image of a large crowd of fourteen year-olds wandering around with big-macs while I stand in the middle looking confused and out of place.

Everyone remains very unsympathetic even though I point out I have to have blood tests -- always the sign of something serious -- apart from this lovely person, who added some very nice comments.


At 6:03 pm, Blogger Rent said...

*grummbles about doctors* I had the same thing happen not too long ago. I went in complaining of massive knee swelling in my left knee. It was the size of a big softball and felt fluidy and numb. The doctor drew liquid off the knee, didn't know what it was that was wrong with me and told me it was because I ate too much salt. There was no insurance so I waited almost eight months before I went in, knee so big and sore and hard to move it was like carrying around a useless limb.

Went to a different doctor, told him that I'd cut down on my salt and it was still bad. That doctor (after tons of tests) told me I have Pigmented Villonodular Synovitis. ( There're even pictures ^.^) It's a disease that infects the hips and knees and is rare, being only contracted by 1.8 out of every million people. :P I wanted to hit things....but then again, I'm like breeding ground for all the wacked out illnesses. But I understand what you mean! When he said my diet... I felt extremely offended.


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