Saturday, August 07, 2004


Why can't it rain again. I liked the rain, the rain was good. Now it's hot, the dog days, like a steamy night in Mis.. Missis... Missisissisi... Arizona. Hot and humid and within a few minutes you're slick with your own sweat.

Enough of the drama queen, it's not as if I'm working in a chain gang. Good old air-conditioned offices: vast soul-less corporations in mega-bucks ivory tower glass and steel edifices, never leave home without one.

Matt has shown no further sign of falling in love with me. I act aloof.

I have begun to notice how many right-wing nutters there are out there in in blog land, for example this fine fellow. I do of course agree with the idea sir, I disagree with what you say but will fight to the death for your right to say it. Except it's more along the lines of, well I suppose you have a right to ... could you stop attacking that liberal with your placard please ... look, I agree with the right to free speech and ... look, calm down ... I mean, the right to ... look, SHUT UP, everyone has their own views and ... can we shut this guy up? Please? I mean, he's REALLY getting on my nerves; it's not free speech if it's just crazy talk. What do you mean it's his constitutional right?

Yet there is something oddly fascinating about all those slightly mad web pages. I suppose it's the appeal of the freak-show.


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