Monday, September 13, 2004

Gay people are so fickle

Hien has to bow to my boogieing powers and admit I am the queen of the dance-floor. However, I have ceased to pay any attention at all to anything he says, since this morning he says my hair on Saturday was nice (whereas at the time he pondered if it had been the product of a car crash). I have come to the conclusion that every comment he makes is somehow to degrade my current personal appearance. I pointed out he was a boring bastard all evening and see if I care. Somehow, it didn't quite capture that Wilde-like tone of cutting humour.

I also bought a new bag. The previous item was getting rather frayed and scruffy, having attained the name "the tramp bag" I felt there was a danger that people could feel the name was mis-directed at myself (in fact I have seen people say it in such a way that it could be thought to be deliberately misconstrued). Finding the perfect compartment to store office papers gives me a ridiculously high level of pleasure. It shouldn't, but it does.

Have decided not to hire the person who "has some concerns" (what do you think of those concerns then, eh? eh? eh?), I realise getting me to sell the job was a sly way of distracting me from the fact that he had absolutely no enthusiasm for it at all. Shame, he had the brains.


At 7:17 pm, Blogger Trinity said...

Has to be better than fanny bag though


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