Thursday, September 23, 2004

Laphroaig unexpectedly offers someone a job

I interviewed someone last week. I wasn't sure. I am deeply suspicious of surity, in a mad universe a bit of doubt shows your understanding about a lack of understanding. So finding no reason not to, I invite him back for a second interview. And the people interviewing him thought he was really good. So I am puzzled.

So I have a quick chat. "Person X has a totally different impression of you from my initial indication, why is that?"

And he convinced me. And we offered him the job. I now have to wait. But he hates his current job so I have made his life a little bit more pleasant.

I think I have good judgement, but in this case it seems I totally midjudged him.
Except I have him a second interview. Hmmm, odd.


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