Saturday, September 18, 2004

Lost in translation

A previous blog, having been translated several times courtesy of Lost In Translation.

Topless the intellectual resistance of the Kassie of the will of the new person appears.

Hien convinces those better, that one in the sky, randello with allegro at night than the life after the women who nonfunctioning (with little a hope, ricompensa therefore underneath this, is which would not obey to anybody with this one weak something to scripture).

The scene always finishes m'attrape with Superficiality (or __) of d'elle c'est of l'honn__tet of the surprise. Everything, if when gambader of this half-half-half-half-luminous one they bevoelkeren more, to "sod l'annuncio, that is to say, qu'il the end to explain the mines, transferences, l'instead" Conservation a section of this;. Can't probably decides to if c'est excellent or not very deeply or both.

J'ai, of that one during the distant night l'absent was moved and the dances of s'est to him, woke up above in the advanced side of the newspaper, that follows l'allumage with a played muscle d'estomac. C'est with practitioner I for the week...


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