Wednesday, September 08, 2004

The manager collapses when he is forced to do some constructive work

Did some development today. Actually typed in some code. Thought I might collapse from shock, although what I've written is rather funky and will make life easier over the next few weeks.

Interviewed someone else. He was rubbish. The person who I interviewed yesterday (who I thought was quite good) "has some concerns". Just who is interviewing whom here? I am forced to speak to a recruitment consultant, a man whose inter-personal skills are highly practised (and it shows), in order to overcome these "concerns". Like all matchmaking: if they want you you don't want them and vice-versa; seconds before I click the "send" button for someone I'm rejecting I receive a mail from his agent saying how great the interview was and he was really keen and looking forward to a second interview. Sigh.


At 11:36 pm, Blogger Trinity said...

what's a funky code look like? you made that bit up didn't you? ;-)


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