Friday, September 17, 2004

Too much coffee

Jitter, twitch, growl, twitch twitch, jitter, shake, twitch.

Kensington and Chelsea. It is ruthlessly satirised, mocked, and generally treated with disdain. And so it should be. In fact most of the satires I've seen of it are actually accurate, or even toned down. The place seems to be populated entirely by wealthy women who say "dreadfully" between very other word. Dreadfully dull.

And from one village to another, written, produced and directed by M Night Shyamalan. Hmmm, not convinced, although I've just read a review on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) that takes about the "star power" of the film and suddenly become defensive - do people really decide the quality of a film from its "star power"? Sometimes I avoid films because of their stars, John Travolta choses appalling films with such reliability that I consider it foolish to even consider watching anything bearing his name, although promoters may consider it to be baring his name (pun, sorry, won't do it again).

Film stars get paid millions on fairly thin evidence that they are worth the investment - they are near-supernatural totems. On the other hand company directors get the same treatment and don't have to look beautiful. It almost make footballers salaries look reasonable, at least they decrease when they start going wrong.


At 12:30 pm, Blogger Trinity said...

well I liked the film but my gore hungry goth daughter didn't. Mind I did see the twist 1/2 way through the film. I'll come with you...I'll try not to reveal the ending.


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