Monday, September 20, 2004

Would you like waffles with that? Celebrating diversity.

I have just been to a 1.5 hr presentation about the whole being gay in an investment bank thing. Hmmmm. To be honest I was only really interested in the canapes and the opportunity of checking out some men who may also be interested in me (alas, total absence of talent apart from one guy, but Hien later pointed out that he looked 12 ... how ironic that at a workshop about diversity I suddenly realise I am just a pervert, excuse me while I go and chemically castrate myself).

I mean, is it really that much of a problem? I am sure there are some circumstances where people face terrible prejudice and are held back and oh it's terrible and awful and so on, but I honestly think women face a much harder time than gay people. With gay people there is no inherent assumption that you're going to disappear at the age of 35 and start a family, if anything you have license to be a bit more temperamental ("oh that's laphroaig, yes he is very expressive, gay as Rock Hudson but without the looks") , a bit more strange. When women are like that people think badly of them, plus they get endlessly patronised.

So there's some "heterosexism" (an inherent assumption that people are heterosexual ... apparently), so gay people can't join in when the men are all talking about their little conquests. Make a cuttying, bitchy, sarcastic remark that shows them up for the desperate creatures they really are. And if that doesn't work, consistently make a pass at the most successful conquestor until this form of immature posing is undergoing its own form of aversion therapy.

One of the subjects was "people are intimidated by gay people". And this is a bad thing? I am able to maintain a wholly unjustified reputation for wild sexual adventure that any straight man would pay good money to achieve. I don't want people to be able to relate to me: I don't want them to discover my life is just as banal as theirs.

I know that being gay in some work environments is hell, but these are investment banks, they don't care. Their mission statement is "show me the money": as long as your work is good they don't give a damn about who or what or why you are.

And yes, sometimes it irritates me that people can make assumptions about me because of my sexuality ... but oh dear, thank God I'm not a woman.


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