Wednesday, October 06, 2004

If I was any more of a chilled bunny I'd be a refigerated meat carcass

Some time ago, my manager and I decided that the only effective way for me to use up my massive holiday entitlement was to start working four day weeks. This was my first holiday.

I have been working too hard. I can see that now. If I'd drawn a picture of myself on Monday and Tuesday I would have been all hard lines and trembling invisible hairline cracks about to explode and shatter; today I would be all currrrrrrrrrrrvvvvvvvvvvy.

I have my Vietnam visa. There was an odd cameradarie in the queue, with knowledge about visa types, collection times, entry requirements etc. being passed from knowing to ignorant through the means of overheard conversation. I have a type C1 visa.

At the embassy was an old man- he was eighty-seven you know - and for a while I thought "poor old man, perhaps I should help him", I pondered the situation for a while until someone else struck up a conversation with him. Last I saw of her she was casting around a "please someone save me" look while he told them he was eighty-seven you know and couldn't stand for long.

Kensington was its same old self, a whole area of London populated by people who would not be out of place in the cast of Absolutely Fabulous. It makes me wonder if anyone hears me talk and sniggers down their sleeve at me for being so ... whatever they think I am.

Lunch, cinema (Bambino Italiano), reading, food (the check-out person was being friendly and talking to me and commenting on my food as it went past, I wished he wouldn't, it's so embarrassing having to make up imaginary dinner guests for those "serves eight" items).

I have not had a single conversation today: and I do not feel any the worse for it. Does that make me just plain weird, or one of life's observers?


At 10:04 pm, Blogger Corgan Dane said...

Other than talking to my wife, really, most days I'd rather not have any conversations with the people I run into on a daily basis.

It seems I can't run into anyone who doesn't annoy me anymore.

I think I'm going to become one of those cynical old recluses who refuse to leave their apartment when I get older.


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