Saturday, October 09, 2004

Voyage to the end of the room ...

... by Tibor Fischer, it's clever so I like it, although at times it's a little too clever for my liking, as if that is the point of the novel. Random quotes ....

The problem I perceived later is that many human beings aren't human beings. The ones who aren't are physically impossible to distinguish from the ones who are. The detail of the counterfeiting is flawless: the ducting of the skin, the split ends of the hair, the pruneness of moles, the guttering of teeth, you can work right down to the carbon and it's spot-on, but they're not human beings. The likeness is so good you really have to be a specialist to tell the difference. They sound like us. They tell jokes like us. They are indistinguishable from us glance after glance.
They're empties. What was going on ... It was the follow-on of a faked childhood. A tap is left running and the water cascades into the flats below, and non-top-turners have to mop up. Because after a certain age you can't learn to be a human being; you can try, but you're not going to make it. We have to be taught to say thank you. That's one of the most important lessons you can learn. We can all grow, but we have to learn how to.

You might as well say no at the very beginning to someone with a van; they're more into powertools than average, or they're simply serial killers. In either case they won't want to go to the ballet.

I'm beginning to suspect I'm perfect: that may be a problem.

It's easier to roll an elephant uphill than to pull someone out of the gloom.

... there's no question that the selfish and uncaring having the easiest lives; not necessarily the happiest or most successful, though that often is the case, but certainly the easiest. Sometimes I feel that decency is an elaborate con trick.


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