Saturday, October 09, 2004

You can't buy happiness ... I bought it today and I got the last one in stock

It is said that it is not possible to buy happiness. I know, I walked into a huge flagship London shop today and asked on which floor I could find happiness, they said they didn't stock that specific item and were very sorry. I later found out they were wrong, because they had an impressive cake collection and what is happiness if not a slice of a particularly tempting gateaux? Oh you can not buy happiness, but you can but things that make you happy (unless you're intent on being incurably miserable, in which case nothing can help you anyway).

From the above decadent and self-indulgent opening paragraph it can be easily deduced that I have been on a shopping spree. Actually, not much of a spree; aware that there are things I will need for Vietnam I decided to get my arse in gear and actually buy them. However, the inevitable happened. I tend to buy things in a glut since I get over the initial fear of spending money and then SPEND IT ALL ON EVERYTHING. Or to be more accurate, I buy a load of other crap as well.

So there are those holiday things (sun block, after-sun, admin stuff, travel stuff, clothes, etc.) but then I decide that since I've been thinking about buying a new dressing gown and then I may as well...

Giving me the biggest sense of joy is my new slippers. My large feet have always caused me to be disqualified from the slipper classes: slippers, it seems, are not for freaks like me. Internally I have always seethed at a society cruel enough to deny people slippers, I have considered marching on parliament to protest over the dire slipper situation for big-footed individuals. But today I spotted some slippers in my size. I pounced. They have Homer Simpson on them, they look very silly, they are absurdly comfortable and they are giving me a rather odd sense of optimism about the world. This is because I have found some clothes I actually like, whereas after most shopping expeditions I am tempted to cry with self-hate because nothing out there fits or suits me or feels rights. This is why some people like shopping.

And so I curl up on bed with a book, my new dressing gown, some very chilled music and some chocolate and I realise how lucky I am and I laugh in the face of depression.


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