Monday, December 13, 2004

No more blue-sky-thinking, doesn't the sun EVER set?

I might be going mad. No, I have gone mad. Mad mad mad mad mad. And in the world I have constructed I must forever write strategy documents. I have gone over it so many times I no longer know what I am supposed to write. Help! Help help help. Sob, bitterist sob.


At 10:47 pm, Blogger Trinity said...

don't fret. Its probably so dull no bastard will ever read past the first two lines anyways. Write two inspired lines then copy Monty Python Scripts.
I have no idea how you lot cope with office work. Unless you're getting blow jobs under the cherry wood desk there's no point to going into work.
Nursing is more fun. One of our girls was screwing the security guard a while back. It gets more like Holby City daily.
(ps I have fantasies about being a secretary to some powerful man and being able to wear strappy heels to work)


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