Sunday, February 06, 2005

And in the general theme of office work

I have added a link to Call Centre Confidential ...
“This is a new Organogram of the Call Centre that comes into effect from March.”

I thought Organogram was a herb that you put on pizza, apparently it’s a complicated diagram of where you are in the food chain.

I’m not on it.

Brenda sidled over to me, “We are going to make a good team you and me.” She made a bold ‘panto’ gesture with her arms. Tuna and onion wafted up my snozzle.

She smiled and gave me the weird look that she’s been giving all week.

“I wanted someone on my new Wigan team who was dynamic, quick thinking and knew how the agents think.” She said.

I stayed silent. I wasn’t sure how to react.

“Wigan is going to be a big challenge I want someone to lead the team that can keep on delivering again and again.”

I paused before saying, “You couldn’t get Janice.”

“No. I got you instead.”
Just when you think (office) life treats you bad, you come across someone who has got it much, much worse.


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