Monday, January 02, 2006

It's called a land-grab, darling

I was once shown one of those management diagrams with two unrelated variables on the 'x' and 'y' axis. This, I was told, fundamentally proved that people have four ways of reacting to change:
  • Ignore it;
  • Try to prevent it;
  • Play along;
  • Participate.
Screaming like a girl and hiding in a closet fell under the general sub-category of "ignore it", apparently.

It takes little experience of management diagrams to know that the way to success is to participate - as a general rule of diagrams, take the most inanely enthusiastic of options and that's the way to management (in this particular training course I overcame my desire to discuss particular changes such as, oh, I don't know, the nazi death camps). However, the lesson has not been lost on me.

It's rather fun having a second manager ... at least it is when the second manager sort of lets you make up your own job (although "management and oversight of all chocolate bars" was shot down in flames as a job description). Shall I decide to take control of this important project or this important project? Oh, the power, the power.

Some of my technology colleagues eye me with suspicion ... at least, the ones who projects I have power over.

Now, who has ever slighted me?


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