Monday, April 03, 2006

A hint to contentment and inner peace: avoid annoying people

Message from person (who we shall name 'A') to another person (who we shall name 'J') on mobile phone: "J, you're supposed to be here for this meeting with Laphroaig; if you don't get back in the next three minutes you'll have to apologise to Laphroaig." 'A' then winks happily at me and says, "that'll get him here." Which it does.

Realisation: 'J' hates my guts.
Adendum: I don't give a shit, because I don't really like him either.

It's peculiar to realise that without really trying I have managed to pluck exactly the right tautly drawn strings within 'J's character to draw out a merry tune of disharmony. A more youthful version of me might have been rather sensitive about this, but I find myself examining 'J's superiority complex with something bordering clinical amusement mostly because somewhere, deep inside of me, my arrogant bastard side is accompanying 'J's merry tune with a less than subtle trilling of, "I have power over youuuuuuu". Two years ago, 'J' was my peer; oh how he hates this fact.

Sometimes I think arrogant people have all the fun. My moments of arrogance seem so .... refreshing. Arrogance: like spa treatment, but cheaper.


At 9:28 pm, Blogger kate said...

Indeed. Sometimes arrogance is like a fresh breath of air. So breath, and enjoy yourself!

(and yes, I am weird, why do you ask?)


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